Kogent Defender Release

When is Kogent Defender

Kogent Defender is now! You can purchase it right now on itch.io (and steam soon too)

What is Kogent Defender

Kogent Defender is a top down twin stick shooter. Players pilot a defender unit with weapons mounted on either side. Various weapons and units are unlockable allowing players to customise loadouts to their play style. The game features procedural levels across 4 tilesets with three mission types (exterminate, bounty, endless).

Why is Kogent Defender

Kogent defender is the culmination of quite a few years of hobby game dev outside of my 9 to 5 day job (about 10 years now...). I have always found myself making prototypes of top down shooters from time to time so it is nice to finally have one I feel is worth releasing.

How is Kogent Defender

Development has taken about 9 months now. I built the game in unity, a game engine I have been familiarising myself with over the years.  My previous game, Abomination Tower was also built in unity using some of the very early 2D functionality.

I created all the enemies, units, weapons and environments in blender. Sound effects and music were taken from purchased libraries and other free sound archives. Music is one of the things I’d like to be able to do but I don't yet have those skills.

If you have any questions about Kogent Defender or game development in general feel free to leave comments or contact me via twitter (@amethystquarter).

I hope you enjoy Kogent Defender :)

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